Learning To Play Fast On The Violin – G Major Scale.mov

Learning To Play Fast On The Violin – G Major Scale.mov
Get tips on how to play faster on the violin. Learn the right technique for your left hand. Learn the G major scale finger pattern. Learn to play violin and fiddle. Fiddlerman.com


  1. Hey I’ve been studying the violin for years and I’ve loved classical music and strings for as long as I can remember. I play many instruments but never the violin until today! My wife bought me an Oldenburg 4/4 for xmas and I just NOW OPENED IT! I’m so excited to embark on my journey to become a violinist. Your videos are helping me in every way possible. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and skill

  2. i don’t have violin but i want to learn…. tnx Fiddlerman for making those videos.. now i can borrow my friend’s violin and start practicing.. your my hero!!

  3. PLEASE HELP!!! I’m only in middle school and I gotta play 120 = quarter note and 1 quarter then 6 afes on violin on 9 scales without paper. Its just too fast. PLS HELP

  4. “Try to enjoy the simple stuff, and make the simple stuff as good as you possibly can”
    This is probably the BEST advice I’ve ever heard about playing the violin. Specially when you are looking for perfectioning the sound.

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