Top 10 Violin Left Hand Mistakes

Top 10 Violin Left Hand Mistakes
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Here’s a compilation of the top 10 most common mistakes that occurs in the left hand. Think of it as a check list of things to correct during your practice. Correcting them will form good fundamental habits. APPLY this to your practice, and let me know what your biggest takeaway is in the comments below.

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1. Gripping the neck (00:36)

2. Motion not from base knuckle joint (02:15)

3. Crooked Wrist (03:50)

4. Incorrect balance (05:11)

5. Unnecessary Tension (06:49)

6. No or bad frame (08:04)

7. Bad elbow alignment (09:52)

8. String not depressed completely (10:21)

9. Not shifting with right finger/bow (13:06)

10. Incorrect timing (16:23)


  1. Thanks for this helpful advice. I am a late start (started at 23) and i found a few things that i’ll try next practice. 🙂

  2. i just learned vibrato and i realized that i would get a lot of pain in my left shoulder. i noticed my elbow when doing vibrato would be very inward as if i was playing a g string the entire time. am i doing this wrong? is my elbow supposed to be aligned when doing vibrato (disregarding the different strings and the corresponding elbow alignments).

  3. Hi Eddy, I’m a professional violinist and teacher and I often tell my pupils to avoid YouTube violin teaching channels because of all the misinformation out there, but your channel seems very good and sums up many issues that I bring up all the time.

    I would add one more item to this list (I know it’s impossible to cover everything, but this is a biggy): Lifting fingers unnecessarily!

    Also, there is one finger that does not move from the base joint, and that’s the first finger.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  4. I cannot do the fourth finger exercise at 9:32 and I have no idea how to fix my frame aaa… Every time I use my fourth finger it touches the adjacent string below it

  5. Very useful! It would be interesting to have some exercise recommendation to correct these mistakes. tks!

  6. Thanks Eddie. This was really helpful. My fingers are short and thick, and I am struggling a lot with reach on the D and G strings. I think I had my wrist locked in place – straight but locked there in position. Also gripping the neck. So thanks, things to work on..

  7. when i play the violin without fingers it sounds good and normal, but the moment i put my finger on a string “in a right position” it turns to ugly and bad sound

    what`s the reason ?

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