Violin Lesson #22; Vibrato (hand/wrist)

Violin Lesson #22; Vibrato (hand/wrist)
***See my new vibrato video, VIOLIN VIBRATO TUTORIAL- NEW TIPS FOR RELAXATION*** This video is part 1, wrist/hand vibrato. Part 2 is about arm vibrato.


  1. I watched multiple videos on vibrato techniques and exercises and I just
    haven’t felt like I was getting the right motion until I stumbled upon this
    video. I feel a lot more comfortable and I don’t feel as frustrated. I’m
    still not perfect at it, but I’m practicing every day, thank you!

  2. First i was sitting in my chair with my violin on my legs and then i watch
    the entire video very carefully. The second time i set the video in 0.5
    slow motion with my violin on my hands trying to emulate every part. The
    third time my violin was on the desk and there it remains forever.

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