Violin Lesson – Trills

Violin technique lesson. Covers demonstration and definition of “trills”. Filmed in 2001. Mari Haig, Danman’s Music School. To print the lesson notes for this video and 1000’s more violin lessons go to (file: 2081)


  1. ok so I have a trill but its above an E1 (F#) then it ties? with a mini
    eigth note of E and F#. It’s in Minuet by L. Boccherini. its at the end of
    measure 8.

  2. @rowan729 erm what instriment is this? i have a trill in pacabels cannon
    and i cant get it write. it is a tied D to C with trill written above it
    does that mean that i play a trill between d and c? 

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