Violin Tips: How To Improve Intonation In High Position (How To Play The Violin Or Viola)

Violin Tips: How To Improve Intonation In High Position (How To Play The Violin Or Viola)
Violin teacher and “Strings” magazine contributor Laurel Thomsen guides you through 5 ways to address problems you may have staying in tune when playing in high positions. For more tips on violin technique, see our other “How to” videos on this channel and visit us at


  1. Indeed! I found it especially improved the clarity on the lower strings.
    Not cheap, but not something you’d replace every day! Did a podcast
    interview with the tailpiece maker last year. See the 12/13/12 episode of
    the Violin Geek Podcast free on iTunes.

  2. One of the best fiddle teachers on You Tube. Clear, concise and well
    illustrated. An object lesson to many others who ramble on but do not
    demonstrate clearly. Thank you!

  3. This might be a silly question but..

    Is 4th finger vibrato becoming more difficult or impossible the higher the
    position is? or at least it would cause shakes on the violin.
    I can’t vibrato anymore on my 4th finger on very high positions like my 4th
    can reach 2nd D on E string BUT i can(somehow) whenever i transfer the
    contact point of the string to my finger on the RIGHT SIDE of the tip of
    my 4th finger.

    I doubt that the issue is on my finger angle to the string(contact point of
    finger and string on what part of the finger tip)


  4. If you teach how to have a good intonation you are supposed to have a good
    intonation.. this isn’t that case 

  5. Hi, I’ve loved the music of the video introduction in violin.
    Can you please tell the name of the music, or which notes you play?
    Thank You

  6. Thanks. A very helpful video on the mysteries of the higher positions.
    Playing up there is a skill I’ve been meaning to teach myself for years,
    though there is little call for it in the traditional Celtic music we play
    here in Nova Scotia, and I find it even less in the Irish traditional which
    I favor over the Cape Breton style, so I don’t get to practice it much. In
    playing the high positions, I find a need to bow closer to the bridge. Is
    this correct?

  7. The part where you’re trying to match consonants and harmonics, you can
    clearly hear that they’re not matching. Why not adjust?

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