YouTube Star Lindsey Stirling Gives Us Violin Lessons!

YouTube Star Lindsey Stirling Gives Us Violin Lessons!
Young Hollywood catches up with Lindsey Stirling, the uber-talented violinist whose unique take on the instrument and amazing videos have been taking YouTube by storm! Lindsey tells us about her early musical inspirations, the mainstream music stars she’d love to collaborate with, then she gives us a basic violin lesson! Hosted by Oliver Trevena (@olivertrevena)..


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  2. I love this musician! She has inspired me! I’ve been trying my best every day to play Hallelujah, just like she does. It’s really taking me some time, to get it, a little bit right. I hav’ant been playing a year yet, but I really want to play this song Christmas morning, to my family! I bought the music, but it just does’nt sound quit right? Of course it’s me! I wish there was some step by step way to learn? I know I’m going to get it, but it’s taking so long! Thanks Lindsy! I’ll keep at it, until, I will get it. Any time savers would be cool!

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