12 Year Old Violin Prodigy!!!!!

12 Year Old Violin Prodigy!!!!!
Cincinnati Starling: students of Kurt Sassmannshaus. Amazing violin acrobatics, Bazzini Round of the Goblins.
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  1. Okay now I am officially depressed after seeing that. Lol I hate that he is so dang talented. I guess I`ll have to practice non-stop now!

  2. I applaude the kid, However in my experience all almost all of those ”child prodigies” quit sometime in their teens and then pick it up again and turn out to be ” Meh” violinists.

  3. Technique can be taught – but that young man was born with a gift that is truly wonderful. If he loves music (not forced to do it because of parents/teachers who weren’t good enough), he can do whatever he wants ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. OMG. I think I’m about to cry. Out of awe or despair I don’t know. Absolutely ashamed of myself. SO. BRILLIANT.
    What is that technique called? And how is it done?

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