David Eure – Virtuoso Jazz Violin Master

David Eure – Virtuoso Jazz Violin Master
David Eure is one awesome jazz violinist from Boston. He displays raw energy with passion, precision, grit and sophistication.

This Afro-Cuban super group features Osmany Paredes (piano), Carlos Del Pino (bass) and Jorge Najarro (percussion). This video was taken from a Cuban Snow Storm concert held at the New England Conservatory of Music.


  1. anything done well is difficult and requires 150% of ones energy. I play both Bach and attempt at improvising and both require mammoth amounts of work.

  2. @jacqu0m0 Depends on what you consider difficult. The big challenge in improvising is writing good music yourself! Effectively, as an improviser you have to write your own partita or sonata, and implement it on the fly, without practice room time for specific fingering choices, etc.

    Playing jazz well on the violin is harder—lots of cats can play Bach, very few can improvise well! Just food for thought.

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