Interview: Janine Jansen On Brahms

Interview: Janine Jansen On Brahms
Limelight Magazine’s Editor, Clive Paget, heads backstage to meet Dutch violin virtuoso Janine Jansen to talk about the Brahms violin concerto she’s playing with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, her musical family and the Stradivari she’s playing at the moment.


  1. I don’t think I have heard a more heartfelt and honest description of a
    moment in music than Jansen’s description of the end of Joachim’s cadenza.
    It is magical the way the music floats and then gathers itself for that
    headlong rush to the finish! I love this woman’s sincerity and grace. 

  2. Does anyone know why Janine Jansen and Helene Grimaud talk so fondly about
    Brahms? They appear to be losing their mind when they talk about Brahms,
    it’s absolutely amazing… two hot women talking about Brahms in such a
    passionate manner.

  3. Espero um dia tocar como essa mulher e tocar com a alma e a simplicidade de
    quem ama o que faz ♡ Minha heroina favorita :)

  4. Hottest violinist ever. Shows that not only thoughts but female sexual
    vibrations can be electromagnetically recorded along the main tune.
    Unbelievable! You can tell that she is Janine Jansen by the emotional
    impact, without watching the video.

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