L. Shankar & The Epidemics – Sankarabaranam Pancha Nadai Pallavi

L. Shankar & The Epidemics – Sankarabaranam Pancha Nadai Pallavi
Ghatam, Tabla, Sitar and Indian Violin Virtuoso


  1. I had this on a recorded cassette I found years ago. It only said Shankar
    on it. I’ve been looking for this piece for 15 years. Thank you so much

  2. Absolutely beautiful and pure. Shankar is one of the finest violinists to
    ever live, so expressive, but all musicians sound great on this. Can you
    tell us who they all are please?

  3. Would someone know what tALam this is in? I seem to be able to fit it to
    miSra jhampa, but not well. Also, is it khaNDa naDai or just the usual?

  4. Vikku Vinayakam and Ghatam FTW.Saw him live with them a couple of times and
    man he was full on punk.Class player with serious style.

  5. I never understand why some people get upset that some other people don’t
    like the same music that they do. It’s like getting upset when it rains.

  6. Time signature: 35 beat cycle. For those who know Carnatic rhythm: 9 and
    1/2 beats or equivalently, Adi tala(8 beats) followed by a one and half. (9
    and 1/2) times 4 = 35 

  7. @alpha, I don’t know anything about Carnatic rhythm, but if it’s a 35 beat
    cycle, how does 9 1/2 fit? 4 times 9 1/2 =38, not 35 as you stated.

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