Monti Csardas- Virtuoso Violin Sandor Lakatos

Monti Csardas- Virtuoso Violin Sandor Lakatos
Arguably the best rendition by the Hungarian Gypsy orchestra and Sandor Lakatos.This original version is hardly ever played anymore. Foget Vengerov, Kennedy or any other arrangement for that matter..this is the original unadulterated version..meandering melody at once in motion and Vittorio Monti is forever captured and locked in a frozen exactitude of the violin technique that is sempiternal.. the real McCoy.. so enjoy.


  1. Thanks..I haven’t found anyone who does it better ..faithful rendition of the original version with amazing violin technique which Vittorio Monty intended.

  2. in the side box it says that it’s hardly ever played by anyone —>
    well… i am one that is in the hardly.
    thanks for putting it up!

  3. Good man..what I meant was ‘the original version’..there are a number of different versions a la Nigel Kennedy, Maxim Vengerov et al….people are so used to these stylized versions that they have no idea the original version is still the best and great!

  4. Lady who?? Don’t be impertinent creatiivebookworm. That woman isn’t capable of composing anything like this even if you bombed her…Monty is turning in his grave!!!!

  5. mm, to me the song must bring an impression of ‘gypsiness’ – craftiness, playfulness, and almost like a seduction in the slow section, and virtuosity in the fast section. Recordings like this and vengerov’s get full marks for this.

  6. @creativebookworm Shut up!!! To put creative and bookworm in the same sentence, and Lady Gaga is the best you can come up with? NICE!!!

  7. are you sure this is the original version? this player is playing the 0:45 an octave higher and some other parts? >_> not to being a critic, but i’ve been searching the original version through youtube for quite a while. unless this is actually the original version…. loolol.

  8. i dont think you should be bashing Lady Gaga because her producer chose to sample this song. If anything you should be bashing RedOne but no just stop. just because you think that someone like Gaga or RedOne isn’t capable of something doesn’t mean that they actually aren’t. You’re not the only one who likes classical music obviously, why can’t you just appreciate that there are people out there who still do like classical music? ~disrespectful~

  9. You got the wrong end of the stick my friend…it is impertinent for someone to suggest Monti Csardas is by Lady Gaga and I just merely put the record straight…so much for this generation and lest you forget it is this generation who thought Michael Jackson was white!!!! I, and many others appreciate classical music and that’s why we take exception to moronic remarks!!!

  10. @boratbrother

    you’re the moron if you think the point of the sample was to plagiarize, and make it appear as if she came up with it

    99% of artists at some point in their career sample music by other artists that they like themselves, it’s to widen the taste of their audience

    so it’s funny when you insult lady gaga because really you’re just insulting someone who shares the same taste in music as you do

    you’re truly the moron

  11. I won’t stoop down to your level and call you a moron because to do that would be treating you with rspect…in fact you are an missed the point. I wasn’t bashing lady ga ga or lady ha ha whatever she wants to call herself but people who suggest that Monti Csardas was her music must be Phillistines…you included!!!

  12. Yes, this is the best rendition ever, except for one: I was fortunate enough to hear the original, while in Hungary ages ago, and I am still moved by it. Beautiful!

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