Raga Sudha Rasa By – Violin Virtuoso Prof. T.N .Krishnan

Raga Sudha Rasa By – Violin Virtuoso Prof. T.N .Krishnan
The best of two decades of lyrical concerts for Doordarshan by Karnatic Violin maestro T.N. Krishnan


  1. Great playing as always. Only thing to point out the title above should be “Gajaanana yutam” in Ragam – Chakravaakam — a parallel of hindustani raaga Aheer Bhairav. Then raagam Aabheri, kriti — the famous “Nagumomu kana leni”. Then maybe they played Raaga Sudha Rasa late, I am only half way through now. TY for uploading this excellent music n video.

  2. no word can express the feeling I had on hearing this! just marvelous! had a carnatic music feast! I don’t think anyone can even think of playing this again!

  3. for many years, music had died. i could not find any music that i truly enjoyed and could turn on and listen to for an entire day or even a few hours. after a friend introduced me to Prof. T.N. Krishnan, all this has changed. thank you for bringing music back to me.

  4. Enjoyed not only the soul stirring music but also the sparkle of admiration in eyes of the daughter Viji Krishnan, for the father…Truly immortals…

  5. whenever manargudi A Easwaran along with Gopalakrishnan accompanies music really reach sublime and melts ones 💓

  6. I am purely innocent about the Carnatic music whether it is vocal or instrumental. Simply enjoying the soulful music made me to visit Chennai during Music Festival for the past few years. Whenever I am sick for unknown reasons listening to this of Music helps me to recover. Thank you Dr TNKrishnan and Daughter. GOD BLESS YOU WITH EVERY THING AND GOOD HEALTH.

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