Ray Chen | Bruch Violin Concerto | 1st Mvt | Nobel Prize Concert | 2012

Ray Chen | Bruch Violin Concerto | 1st Mvt | Nobel Prize Concert | 2012
23 year old Australian violin virtuoso Ray Chen performing the 1st movement of Max Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1 in G Minor Op. 26 at the prestigious 2012 Nobel Prize Concert in Stockholm | Recorded live on 8th December 2012 with The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra – under the direction of Maestro Christoph Eschenbach

Credits: Sveriges Television AB (production)
Copyright © Nobel Media AB 2012
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  1. OMG, does somebody have a picture of him stark naked? Please send me a
    copy. I will ogle at it as I pleasure myself ………

  2. Interesting to see him place his chin almost to the right of the tailpiece.
    As a result his face is more centrally aligned with the bridge and strings
    than it would be when holding the violin in the conventional manner. The
    instrument is resting on the collar bone further to the right than usual
    and it seems that the left arm has to twist less under the violin to
    orientate the left hand. More natural? Don’t know but it seems to work for

  3. I think the orchestra did pretty well– the conductor wanted phrasing in
    sections which typically are played loudly and quickly, and he fist
    pumped…remember the fist pump? Jersey shore. The conductor did that.
    Considering that the conductor for this orchestra fist pumped, I am proud
    of them, and impressed that they didn’t laugh

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