Russian Violinist Egor Gzechishnikov | Storyteller Media

Russian Violinist Egor Gzechishnikov | Storyteller Media
Amazing playing of the violin by this Russian virtuoso playing a Folk Song

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  1. Its just pizzcato…. Almost every violinist does it. Its like complimented a pianist for using pedals because it`s like a piano and drum at the same time

  2. People only get that impression because the state (russia) will only pay the way for a student to go to college if they are the absolute best in their field. In other countries, simply getting into school at all is much more difficult and competitive compared to the US, largely because in those places the number of schools is limited compared to the population and the schools are often funded by the state.

  3. Right hand pizz is actually a good deal more difficult than regular left hand pizz. Most music does not call for it, especially if it is not a solo.

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