Tween Virtuoso Performs Hindemith

Tween Virtuoso Performs Hindemith
12-Year-Old Sujari Britt, a rising cello star, performs Hindemith’s Three Easy Pieces at the Manhattan School of Music.

Watch Sujari’s story:

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  1. i don’t really like the combination of the 2 instruments, you can barely
    hear the piano, they are supposed to complement each other´╗┐

  2. yes but i don’t think they are. due to rules of “engagement” every soloist
    has to have a piano accompaniment for some odd reason except very few like
    the bach cello solos but other than that and some other songs every soloist
    has to have a piano accomp. to put this in short the pianist could be
    playing marry had a little lamb and they would have gotten away with it due
    to the soloist rule of engagement. but if there were to be a different
    insturment playing for accomp. it would be a duet´╗┐

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